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Rubber Supplier’s Laboratory

As rubber suppliers, we start the production choosing the best materials on the market. We often buy our mixes directly from qualified suppliers, but when we make our own mixes we employ the best raw materials available, using a closed mixer. Products are then finished in an open mixer. We always test our finished mix in our laboratory to verify that it conforms to all required specifications.

We can produce all types of elastomers. We use two methods to measure the hardness of our mixes:
  • SHORE A - form 25 to 95
  • IRHD - from 20 to 90
Control requirements for specifications are based on:
  • ASTM
  • UNI
We can produce mixes according to customer’s specifications. Some examples of customized products: FIAT, PIAGGIO, CATERPILLAR, and BERCO, as well as other important international and Italian companies. All our final products are tested to verify their conformity to the customers’ exact specifications.

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This is the report resulting from one of the tensile testings that we do to every sample. This is a dynamometer test performed according to the norm ASTM D 412 C. It is shown the name of the compound the piece is produced with.
Report 1

These is a report from special compression deflection tests, carried out on O-rings for applications duo cone. This test is required more and more required by OEM customers.

Report 2

This is another report about special compression deflection tests.

Report 3